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Frequently Asked Questions

Like everything else, pullouts are priced by size and features. Our basic pullouts start at $55.00 and go up to $115.00 (plus installation) depending on size and depth. We do offer options such as sloped sides, custom wood and stains, under-mount/soft close slides, dividers, and custom boxes to go around pipes and other obstacles. The best way to find out the cost for pullouts for your particular need is to call and schedule a free estimate. There is no obligation and no hard sell, so do it now and stop fighting your storage problems!

Our pullouts are custom-made to fit your job, and because they are made right here in Wisconsin we can install most pullout orders in two weeks, guaranteed. Usually 7-10 days. If your job requires unique pullouts it might take a bit longer but we will advise you up front if this is the case. Installation varies with the number of pullouts and the complexity of the job but we can complete most installations in 3-5 hours.

We normally work from Milwaukee to Green Bay and as far west as Madison, WI, but if you want to measure and install your own pullouts, using our printed instructions, we can ship them anywhere.

Almost certainly. Because our pullouts are custom-made, we can make them to fit almost any cabinet, even odd-shaped or with obstacles such as pipes. From 9" to 30" front to back, 6" to 48" wide, and flat to 16" deep we can take care of you.

Not a problem, we have many solutions to replace or add to your closet shelving with cabinet pullouts.

We can build perfectly fitting replacement drawers that close softly and hold up to 100 lbs of weight. In many cases, it may just be that you need new drawer slides and we can do that too.

We fix it, Forever. We use quality materials and dovetail joints in all of our pullouts for a lifetime of use but we know things happen and we are happy to fix whatever needs fixing. Ask us for a copy of our warranty.

All of our pullouts are installed by a trained installer, employed by Cabinet Pullouts Co. We don't use any subcontractors.

We do not artificially inflate our prices hoping someone won't ask for a discount. Our prices are as low as they can be every day because we have low overhead, good buying power and we operate without frills. We do not have a showroom, but we are happy to bring samples to your house when we come to measure. (Watch for our mobile showroom coming later this year) We are not a franchise, we are a locally owned and operated company.